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Cascades Stories are stories written by Matt Slater, a young, gay, autistic writer from Washington State.

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TVOV 1st Official Annoucment

As today is Syttende Mai (lit. “Seventeenth (of) May”) in Norway, which is when they celebrate their Constitution Day, I though it might be nice to send out the first official ad for the comic strip today, as the comic centers around a Norwegian-Canadian family. This summer, I will be prepearing a lot of content, includingContinue reading “TVOV 1st Official Annoucment”

Update 5/9/2021

Sorry for not updating in a while. School. Anyway, I have some exciting news: An edited version of “The Aviary of Henry Weston” has been submitted to the 90th Annual Writer’s Digest Competition! Wish me luck! Also, I will do my best to be more active in the Summer, but I just need to getContinue reading “Update 5/9/2021”

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